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Wazup fools. First post. EviroMENTAL. I am of course talking about Al “Greensaver” Gore. This guy cares more about global warming than his own dick. Which is like a cashew between two peeled tangerines. Anyway, if globalwarming was such a big problem, we probably could’ve fixed it without him. I don’t if any of you have seen “An Inconvenient Truth” but this is probably the worst piece of crap i’ve ever seen in my entire life. Now, people thought this ‘informational intelectual important film” (immitating hippie stoners), was good enough, that Mr. Gore should get the ’07 Nobel freakin’ prize. The only thing that would’ve been cool. is if Gore was president right now. If gore was in office instead of Bush, things would be a lot less shittier than they are now. End. EnviroMENTAL.


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