The Attack Of The Show Drinking Game

July 11, 2008 at 2:08 am (Uncategorized) ()

SIP when

-Olivia swears

-Kevin gives the Gadget Pr0n item over 80%

-There’s a political parody

-ATN has more than 1 guy hurting himself

-Chris Hardwick shows up


GULP when

-Kevin swears

-Somebody breaks something

-The Feed is hosted by someone other than Layla Kayleigh

-There’s no audience reaction at Epic Fail

-DVDuesday has a Blu-Ray display case


CHUG when

-Somebody breaks into song

-They do a skit

-Olivia says something about her boobs

-Kevin says something about Olivia’s boobs

-If they do What’s Up With Japan without mentioning a monkey



-Kevin & Olivia don’t swear

-Somebody else is hosting the show

-ATN After Hours has a foreign chick (excluding England)

-A random celebrity shows up

-The Gadget Pr0n is not a phone, camera, or computer



-Everything happens in one episode

-Everything happens at once


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