The Family Guy Drinking Game

February 2, 2008 at 5:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Okay. I was hangin with a few of friends watcing FamGuy, and decided upon a drinking game. Now you can do it.
Here’s how it’s played:

SIP when
-A flashback/reference occurs
-A celebrity’s name is mentioned
-When someone swears
-When Peter & Lois have sex
-When someone says something bad abut Meg
-When Peter laughs

GULP when
-Someone pukes
-When Lois reads a book
-When Stewie tries to kill Lois
-When Stewie says “Victory Is Mine,” “Damn You All,” or “What The Deuce”
-When Quagmire says “(Giggity) Giggity Goo,” “Oh!,” or “Allright!”
-When someone takes their clothes off

CHUG when
-When someone or a group breaks into song
-When Peter mentions one of his inventions
-If you have he DVD, when a deleted scene comes along in an episode
-If Quagmire mentions someone he wants to have sex with besides Lois
-When a flashback/reference involves a song
-When Quagmire has sex with more than 1 girl

-When another character has sex
-When someone who’s not in the Griffin family has a flashback/reference
-When someone compliments Meg
-When Channel 5 News mentions a Griffin
-When a character from another show appears
-When the episode doesn’t start with the theme song

-Everything happens in one episode
-Everything happens at once


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